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Classified website PHP script Post Ads Ad Board is easy and quick to put on your website, where visitors can add their text link ads and you can promote your affiliate products via confirmation notices tool.

With this script, you can build your downline and quality list of double opt-in subscribers to market your offers to.

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  • Very Easy to Install - in less than 10 minutes. Script and Data is held entirely on your own web site.

  • Use on unlimited number of domains - You can put Post Ads Ad Board as many website hostings as you want.

  • Fully automated - will work for you 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.

  • Customization - Ads can be as long or as short as you want. You can set number of latest ads into main page.

  • Multiple categories for adding classified text link ads

  • Confirmed Opt-in - You can set to opt-in mode, so that your visitors must confirm before text link is added. Your visitors can delete their ads using a link in email message.

  • Expired Notice Email - Script automatically send expired notice to your visitors when deadline approaches, and get them back to your site again and again via expiry email notice.

  • Promote Affiliate Sites - You can set multiple affiliate links to show the Landing Pages when the ad is posting, reposting or deleting.

  • Handle all the process - Sorted by categories, displaying latest ads first. You can set time period before ads expire and days to delete non-approved sites.

  • Checking of Duplicate Email Addresses - Once an email has been used, it will delete the same email address if use in posting ads again. You free-up yourself in cleaning of duplicate email addresses and ads.

  • Very minimum hosting requirements: HTML, PHP5 or higher, script works without MySQL database.

  • No Monthly Fees - Pay Only Once then Own it for Life.

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